Stock Management
Sales Order Processing
Purchase Order Processing
Stock Suggested Ordering
Container Stock Management
Financial Management
Delivery Routing
Business Intelligence
Multi Branch Sales
Mobile Access
Showroom Display Tickets (+£60 pm)**
eCommerce Integration (from £90 pm)**
Customer Service (+70 pm)**
Composite Invoicing (+£39 pm)**
Auto Stock Replenishment Single Branch
(+£25 pm)**
Auto Stock Replenishment Multi Branch
(+£40 pm)**
Postcode Address Lookup (+£18 pm per machine)
Customer Email Notifications
(from 8p per notification)**
Gift Vouchers (+£25 pm)**
Parts explosion / bill of materials (+£60 pm)
Multi-Currency Purchasing (+£90 pm)**
Order Tracking Portal (Coming Soon)
* for a minimum of 2 licenses (Single license : £67 pm if billed annually or £76 pm if monthly)
**per company database
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