Case Study : MEF

Company Background

First established in 1988, Mechanical & Electrical Fixing (MEF), has grown into a multi-functional supplier to the building services industry, offering a complete ‘first fix’ package to electrical, plumbing and ventilation trades. 

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, MEF are now at the forefront of  innovation in the sector offering the latest in time saving, labour reducing and cost cutting products. MEF aims to source one-off products by providing a ‘one stop shop’ to customers across the marketplace.


It was only 25 (short) years ago that Mike Mearns, Commercial Director and his team at MEF were first introduced to our Managing Director Gordon Kinnear and Director Andrew Coates. After hearing about Optimise Solutions through positive word of mouth, MEF got in touch to enquire about a robust and efficient sales and order processing system.  

“Reliving our first encounter with Optimise feels like just yesterday… who knew 25 years later we’d still be a loyal customer! 

After successfully working together for a number of years, the Optimise team truly understands our business inside and out. This means they quickly recognise what we are looking for and can adapt our software accordingly. 

Optimise Solutions software has enabled MEF to appreciate an abundance of benefits – from enhanced productivity and efficiency to a more streamlined approach. We can’t recommend the guys enough and would never look elsewhere to other competitors. Thanks again to Gordon, Andrew and the rest of your team for all your commitment and hard work over the years.”


For those who are unfamiliar with this type of solution, a sales order processing system is the flow from customer purchase right through to product delivery and is fundamental to all aspects of the business.  The purpose of this is to detail each phase of the purchase and fulfilment process, including financial transaction, order picking and logistics. By deploying Optimise Solutions’ sales and order processing software to MEF, they were able to benefit from: 


Communication is key. Optimise continues to have discussions with MEF to ensure that MEF’s sales and order processing software has everything they would ever need.

Government Compliant

Keeping up to date with the latest government guidelines so you don’t have to worry about getting left behind.  For example, following Brexit Optimise ensured that MEF’s software included new interest tax codes for the government. 


Introducing additional solution modules, by ensuring they can deliver efficient and timely results while meeting MEF’s changing business needs.

Why choose Optimise?

There was never any question about working with Optimise Solutions, says Mike. 

“Our first impression of Optimise Solutions was that the team were knowledgeable, friendly and approachable and open to hearing about how MEF needed a solution to help modernise the way we worked. 

With Optimise you can benefit from a partner that is responsive, intelligent and flexible, always wanting to make sure your needs are met first and foremost”.

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