Making customer searches better

In response to your suggestions, we have created a new customer review program that saves you having to re-enter search criteria when enquiring on more than one customer. This is particularly useful when you are not sure which one of several similar customers you need to enquire on.

To access this program, from the main menu go to Accounts – Customer – Reports and choose Customer Review. After entering your criteria, a full screen of matches is shown with the option to drill in to the normal enquiry screen for a customer. After closing a customer’s screen the list remains for you to choose another customer or close.

To drill into a customer, either . . .

  • use the up/down arrow keys to highlight the customer then press RETURN (or ENTER),
  • OR double-click the customer,
  • OR click on the customer then choose the DRILL option.

This is available free from version 3.12.0 onwards.

To find out more about Optimise visit our website.

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