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Buying software can make many of us very nervous. You can never be sure about any software system to perfectly cater to your business model. After using any system for a couple of weeks, you could even realise that it isn’t really geared to deliver results. Most times, software companies sell the glorious benefits of their software system and brush the niggles and squiggles under the carpet! That’s exactly why we let you to try our software, before you make a buying decision.

How Does the Trial Work?

Signing up for the trial is very easy! Just fill out the form (below) and we’ll set up your trial within a day or two. You’ll receive connection details to our web server where the trial version of our software is hosted. Just follow the instructions in the email and you should be up and running.

Our retail / trade system is an enterprise business software and has hundreds of different sections and programs contained in one package. To fully realise it’s potential, we recommend that you call us before using using the system for the first time, so we can demonstrate the work flow.

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