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Core Features

Intelligent Stock Control

Gain total control over your stock and inventory. Know your inventory position at all times and accurately report on your new stock requirements.

Financial Management

The integrated accounting program eliminates the need for other accounting packages. A complete package with nominal / purchase / sales ledgers and drill in options..

Purchase Order Processing

Generate back-to-back purchase documents straight from your customer orders.

Sales Order Processing

Comprehensive package to create, manage and control customer orders for big ticket products, wholesale or even smaller sized items. Gain complete order details at all stages (quotation, confirmation, deposits, final payment, delivery).

Comprehensive Reports

The Open Data system has over 200 instant reports to help you manage & run your business – from sales, stock control & re-ordering all the way to trial balance & accountant ready management reports.

Electronic Point-of-Sale

High speed sales processing for gifts and accessories. Integrate with industry standard POS equipment such as barcode scanners, till drawers and receipt printers.

Business Intelligence

Full colour graphs & charts for quick & easy visualisation of business performance and KPIs. Analyse profit margins, turnover, best sellers and staff performance over any range.

Multi-Branch Sales

One central data source manages real-time information across all your branches. Manage your warehouse, trade, retail and online units all from one system!

Sales and Marketing

Our database is designed to be open and easy to access data. You can export almost any kind of sales, marketing, CRM, customer service data and use it for your marketing plans.

Delivery Routing

Gathers all delivery addresses for the day and accurately determines and maps the best route to follow for the day’s deliveries.

Container Tracking

A powerful suite that efficiently manages the progress of ‘containerised’ orders to minimise customer waiting time.


Auto Stock Replenishment

Creates purchase orders to ensure sufficient stock is held at the warehouse and inter-branch transfers to ensure key products remain in stock at branch locations.

Bulk Purchase Ordering

Gathers stock requirements of many customers’ into large purchase orders. This feature is especially useful when ordering from ‘container’ suppliers.

Mobile Access

Ideal for the shop floor staff or while visiting customers or at trade shows. Links to database in real time offering portable stock enquiry / order taking functionality.

Showroom Display Tickets

Print all your Sale / Promotional / Showroom Display tickets in minutes at the click of a button. No more exporting data to an external display label creation software.

eCommerce Integration

Multi-channel integration has proven to save a whole lot of time! Automatically updates stock availability and prices on the website. Web orders and customer data flow back into the system.

Automatic Purchase Orders

An intelligent program that creates, files and emails supplier purchase orders automatically. Can save a lot of repetitive work.


Speeds up sales entry with static scanners and also reduces stock take times using portable scanning devices.

Multi-Currency Purchasing

Creates purchase orders to ensure sufficient stock is held at the warehouse and inter-branch transfers to ensure key products remain in stock at branch locations.

Service Requests

Amazing customer service feature! Full logging, tracking and management of customer / supplier issues, complaints, and problems.

Postcode Address Lookup

Using the postcode based address lookup feature helps you save time and avoid errors in keying in customers’ addresses.

Financing Scheme Manager

Complete ability to run and manage your own hire purchase scheme. Offer your customers ‘Buy Now Pay Later’, ‘Pay Monthly’ options.

Customer Email Notifications

Automatically sends out emails to your customers to promptly notify them of order confirmation, goods-in and order progress.

Restaurant / Cafe System

Gift Vouchers

Order Tracking Portal

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