Stock Management

Track and monitor inventory in real-time, ensuring that stock is always up-to-date and readily available.

Powerful search engine

Swiftly locate items within your product catalogue. This intelligent search functionality utilises advanced algorithms and indexing techniques to deliver accurate and relevant results in real-time. With its user-friendly interface, you can quickly filter and search for products based on various criteria, such as description, product code, supplier or group/subgroup. The search engine’s capability to handle large datasets ensures that you can efficiently navigate through extensive product catalogues with ease.

Automated stock allocation

The auto-allocation feature streamlines the process of allocating arriving stock to the appropriate sales orders. Once new stock arrives in the inventory, Optimise automatically assesses the existing open sales orders and intelligently allocates the incoming stock eliminating the need for manual allocation, reducing errors and saving time.

Powerful search engine to locate product catalogue item
Stock valuation by branch in summary or detailed format
Stock-taking of whole branch or group / supplier
Arriving stock auto allocation
Pre-allocate containerised stock in transit & bulk orders
Real-time stock balances controlled over local or wide area network
Sales and cost promotions
Product technical notes
Identify good / poor performing groups or items by sales / profit
Inter branch stock transfers with reporting
Suggested order management reporting
Setup products / import supplier price lists using Excel
Integration with sales and purchase order processing
Stock identification tickets with optional bar-code
Optional multi-currency cost pricing
Optional parts explosion / bill of materials

Stock Management FAQs

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