Accurate and reliable our sales module helps ensure your order processing is as efficient as possible.

Accurate, up-to-date stock balance

Accurate and up-to-date stock balance during sales is a critical aspect of any effective ERP software. When a business engages in sales transactions, it is crucial to have real-time visibility into the available inventory to avoid stockouts or overselling. Our software employs advanced inventory management features that continuously track stock levels as sales are made, ensuring that the system always reflects the most current data.

Order entry at point of sale, back office or mixture

The order entry process in Optimise can take place at the point of sale (POS), the back office, or even a mixture of both, depending on the specific needs and setup of your business. At the point of sale, sales transactions are captured directly at customer-facing locations, ensuring real-time updates of inventory levels and quick order fulfilment. On the other hand, in the back office, orders are centrally entered, making it suitable for B2B transactions and more complex configurations. Additionally, our system can seamlessly handle a mixture of both approaches, allowing you to manage orders from various channels while maintaining accurate and up-to-date stock balances. With this flexibility, you can optimise your order management process and streamline sales operations effectively.

Order entry at point of sale, back office or mixture
Accurate, up-to-date stock balance during sale
Fast “cash sale” facility for items taken
Ability to pick stock from shop, warehouse or bulk purchase orders
Automatic generation of supplier order for special orders
Print customer order confirmation, delivery notes, invoices
Delivery schedule report for planning deliveries
Instantly create special order items at time of sale
Value added prompts at point of sale, e.g. warranty
Prompt for product options such as feet/colour
Extensive customer order and history “drill-down” to line level
Order search by product, customer or supplier
Optional : Postcode program to speed customer address entry
Optional : Bar-code scanning, till drawers, receipt printers
Optional : In-house finance module with account card
Optional : Customer e-mail when order placed and goods-in
Optional : De-Brand products

Optimise helped us take full control over sales and products / stock and put our business in a position where expanding became a painless exercise.

Craig Wharton – Director, Whartons of Shirley

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