Case Study : Adventures in Furniture

Company Background

Adventures in Furniture have been enthusiastic about producing the highest quality furniture in the UK for over 30 years. Through their combination of solid materials, traditional processes, and modern designs, they aim to make the experience  of moving or redecorating simple while helping customers create a personal and happy home. 

Making furniture from materials that are of high quality is as essential to Adventures in Furniture as who manufactures the furniture. With a head office in London, the majority of their furniture is manufactured throughout Europe. This allows them to have a greater influence on production processes and raw materials. 

Sustainability has also been a large factor in the way Adventures in Furniture operates. They pledge to assist customers by finding the ideal items for their home that are beautiful, affordable and built to stand the test of time. Their  work in this area has also garnered several honours, including the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards, in collaboration with organisations such as the Forest Stewardship Council.


Kim Corbett, Founder of Adventures in Furniture, heard about Optimise Solutions through word of mouth within the retail sector and was most interested to learn more after discovering about our specialism in the furniture industry. Adventures in Furniture initially enquired about how we could help implement a full operating system for their whole business.

“We’ve been working with the Optimise Solutions team for so long now, I can’t remember the exact date we first were acquainted – it must be decades now! 

Our previous operating system was clunky and unreliable so we welcomed the recommendation to work with Optimise. Thanks to the implementation of our operating system, we have witnessed significant stability and management of the operations side of our business, as well as simplicity to streamlining training for new staff. We appreciate the team’s swift approach and speed for sorting any problems that occur. “


Large-scale furniture manufacturing companies like Adventures in Furniture have very complicated procedures that must account for the ebb and flow of demand as well as the ever-changing interior trends. 

Therefore, trying to address the particular demands of clients while also remaining one step ahead of the competition is nearly difficult without a reliable and scalable software like ours – something Kim and her team aspired to have. 

Efficient inventory management 

The proper control of inventory is a key element of any business management software. Having capital locked up in pricey textiles, lumber, and other raw materials might jeopardise your company’s short-term cash flow. Thus, choosing a business management system like Optimise can handle the acquisition of these resources based on historical data, the precise make-up of the things you create, and your current order plan. This increases the likelihood of on-time delivery, maximises the utilisation of your company’s resources, reduces waste and keeps your assets flowing.

Increase your sales

Our solution handles more than just the manufacturing process. Through the Optimise software, you can easily manage sales orders from retail outlets and meet and surpass customer expectations to gain repeated business. With so many furniture manufacturers competing for your customers’ disposable cash, enhancing customer service may be the key to growing sales and developing brand loyalty.

Avoids data islands 

Furniture manufacture and delivery can be a highly complex process, especially if your company fulfils customised and unique requests. Everyone, from the personnel on the line to your design team, must work together if your production line is to be efficient and produce high-quality furniture. Our software enables everyone to work with the same data in real time, which should result in less waste, higher product quality, and fewer production delays.

Why choose Optimise?

In our initial conversations with Optimise, we explained that we were seeking a full operating system for the whole business and Optimise offered the best solution to others on the market, Kim adds. 

“The products, services and support are all excellent from Optimise –  if you are looking for a superior solution at a competitive price, backed up by approachable and knowledgeable staff, keep Optimise Solutions in mind.  Gordon and his team are very helpful in initial stages who took the time to visit our premises to go through in depth training. We have very much enjoyed working with Optimise and we look forward to many more years of our partnership! 

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